These are the 25 US companies with the happiest employees in 2018

HubSpotHubSpot took the top spot.
  • Everyone wants to be happy at work.
  • Career site Comparably recently ran a survey to find out what large US companies have the happiest workers.
  • HubSpot took the top spot, and a number of tech companies fared well in the rankings.

Who doesn’t want to work in a happy environment?

When you’re miserable, any job will seem terrible. So it’s important to find a workplace that’s a pleasant place to be.

So how can you separate companies with genuinely happy employees from the firms with cheery social media feeds that don’t reflect reality?

Compensation and career site Comparably recently ranked the happiest large companies in the US. The site based the results on anonymous employee reviews of companies with over 500 employees between September 2017 and September 2018. At least 50 employees had to leave reviews for a company to be considered.

The survey included a number of questions pertaining to workplace happiness, and accrued five million ratings across 45,000 US companies. As it turns out, tech companies fared well in the rankings.

Here’s a look at the companies that boasted the happiest employees, including a quote from a satisfied employee of each company:



Nvidia is an integrated circuit manufacturer based in Santa Clara, California.

“What makes me most happy is the work I do, my team members, and knowing that our technology (AI and deep learning) is improving the lives of others, making the world a better place,” a Nvidia employee told Comparably. “We have the focus and energy of [a] start up – but with 8,000 employees!”

24. Axon

AxonAxon employees.

Axon is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based technology company that primarily develops products for law enforcement.

“Working with super smart people, and having the opportunity to make an actual societal impact with what I do,” an Axon employee told Comparably. “Making a real difference in the world, especially when it comes to the pursuit of justice. It’s super motivating!”

23. Adobe

AdobeAdobe employees.

Adobe is a software giant headquartered in San Jose, California, and with locations around the world.

“Being a part of a fantastic company and a wonderful team makes me happy,” an Adobe employee told Comparably. “Everyone really enjoys what they do and supports each other. The flexibility of my schedule to work around my child care needs.”

22. Red Bull

Red BullRed Bull employees.

With an American office in Santa Monica, California, Red Bull is an energy drink producer.

“Knowing I work at the best distribution company in North America makes me most happy,” a Red Bull employee told Comparably. “Time flies when you’re setting a new standard! We get very well-rewarded for our success and are appreciated.”

21. Workfront

WorkfrontWorkfront employees.

Workfront is a project management software company in Lehi, Utah.

“I love Workfront,” a Workfront employee told Comparably. “I feel fulfilled at work, but I also have a good time and get paid pretty well for what I do. I also feel like I am able to make a real difference to the company.”

20. International Flavours & Fragrances

International Flavours & FragrancesInternational Flavours & Fragrances employees.

Flavours & Fragrances Inc. is a New York City-based fragrance and flavour producer.

“What makes me most happy is working with like-minded, driven people who are excited to work as a team,” a Flavours & Fragrances employee told Comparably.

19. Golden Hippo Media

Golden HippoGolden Hippo Media employees.

The Woodland Hills, California-based Golden Hippo is a marketing firm with a focus on wellness and beauty products.

“The work environment is happy and there is a huge list of work benefits for free at the office,” a Golden Hippo employee told Comparably. “Fully-stocked kitchen, yoga classes, guided meditation time, a cross-fit gym, and paid lunch. The company doesn’t nickel and dime their employees. They provide the best possible environment because they know a happy worker works harder.”

18. eBay

eBayeBay employees.

Based in San Jose, eBay is an online commerce hub.

“There’s just an overall energy of happy employees,” an eBay employee told Comparably. “Everything is approached with positivity and inclusion. I love eBay and can’t see myself anywhere else.”

17. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment employees.

Blizzard Entertainment is an entertainment software company headquartered in Irvine, California.

“We produce awesome, quality products and work does not feel like work; it feels like an opportunity to contribute and celebrate,” a Blizzard employee told Comparably. “Having a campus like structure where most of the things you need can be found here definitely takes some pressure out of your mind.”

16. Facebook

FacebookFacebook employees with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Based in Menlo Park, California, Facebook is a social media platform.

“Everyone at the company is extremely friendly and diverse,” a Facebook employee told Comparably. “The environment is healthy and very bright. There’s a lighthearted and playful energy among staff. We all get along well and respectful of one another.”

15. Fanatics

FanaticsFanatics employees.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida Fanatics is an online sports merchandise retailer.

“Everyone is very happy to go into work,” a Fanatics employee told Comparably. “You’ll never wonder if your contributions matter, or how they hit the bottom line. You’ll never think your leadership cares more about your results than your health, quality of life, or your personal career path. Everyone is committed to making it a great team and positive work environment.”

14. Pegasystems

PegasystemsPegasystems employees.

Pegasystems is a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“What makes me happy is that we are visionaries for our industry, there’s excitement and energy,” a Pegasystems employee told Comparably. “The people I work with are happy to be here, I’ve never before worked in an environment where everyone around me cared about what they did and put in 100%. It’s refreshing.”

13. T-Mobile

T-MobileT-Mobile employees.

T-Mobile is a wireless carrier based in Bellevue, Washington.

“I love working here,” a T-Mobile employee told Comparably. “People are happy and upbeat. We live out our culture every day. Magenta isn’t just a colour, its a verb and a big part of what makes us different. Our leadership team at T-Mobile truly makes you feel valued and does a lot to show us how appreciated we all are. Even the big guy John Legere makes us feel important.”

12. Insight Global

Insight GlobalInsight Global employees.

Insight Global is an Atlanta-based IT staffing solution firm.

“The support and positivity that radiates off everyone makes me most happy at work,” an Insight Global employee told Comparably. “Everyone cares about my career growth and people will go out of their way to make sure that I receive the development and training I need. Everything you need to be successful is provided for you.”

11. Nevro

NevroNevro employees.

Nevro is a medical device company based in Redwood City, California.

“Everyone is smart, helpful, professional and genuinely interested and involved in seeing the entire company do well,” a Nevro employee told Comparably. “People care and appreciate that there is meaning and purpose in the work in we do.”

10. Starbucks

StarbucksStarbucks employees.

Starbucks is an international coffee chain headquartered in Seattle.

“Starbucks promotes a culture that doesn’t seem to encroach on an employee’s personal life,” a Starbucks employee told Business Insider. “Employee expressions of individualism are accepted.”

9. LinkedIn

LinkedInLinkedIn employees.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

“What makes me happy the most is the sense of purpose and knowing I’m making a difference in the world,” a LinkedIn employee told Comparably. “Plus, the great pay and gourmet food every day. Time goes by quickly because of the positive environment.”

8. Intuit

Brad SmithIntuit CEO Brad Smith with employees.

Intuit is an accounting software company based in Mountain View, California.

“The people I work with are awesome,” an Intuit employee told Comparably. “One of our mottos is to ‘bring our whole selves to work’ and everyone seems genuinely happy to be here. Employees take pride in working at Intuit and have a passion for our mission.”

7. LogMeIn

LogMeInLogMeIn employees.

LogMeIn is a cloud-based software company headquartered in Boston.

“The executive team is transparent and frequently updates us on the company’s goals and successes,” a LogMeIn employee told Comparably. “This helps us to stay excited, engaged, and willing to do our best to keep the momentum going. Everyone here is friendly; we put our egos aside to work together.”

6. UiPath

UiPathUiPath employees.

Based in New York City, UiPath is a software company that was founded in Bucharest.

“What makes me most happy at work is our competitive spirit, clear goals, and challenges we solve,” a UiPath employee told Comparably. “We’re a fast growing company and work at a high-energy pace yet have fun, and the leaders are humble, transparent, and know how to effectively communicate.”

5. Salesforce

SalesforceSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff with employees.

Salesforce is a cloud computing company based in San Francisco.

“I love my job,” a Salesforce employee told Comparably. “I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else. Feel like I make a difference. What makes me most happy is being part of a company that is innovative and changing the world!”

4. Delta Air Lines

Delta AirlinesDelta Airlines employees.

Delta is an airline company based in Atlanta.

“Delta employees at every level have profit sharing which keeps us truly invested in this airline,” a Delta employee told Comparably. “We are diverse, friendly, and have great work-life balance flexibility, which helps create the positive workplace culture we have. We are like a family and have each other’s backs.”

3. Google

Google is a tech giant based in Mountain View, California.

“Google is like a second home to me,” a Google employee told Comparably. “There are so many things you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not easy to get in, but once you do you have made it! Fabulous facilities, smart and diverse coworkers, friendly environment, transcendental leadership, competitive benefits and generous compensation; it’s amazing! Working here is an amazing opportunity that helps me become a better human being.”

2. Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based media company based in Los Gatos, California.

“What makes me most happy is that we’re working on something that brings stories to people around the world, and Netflix has great pay and benefits,”a Netflix employee told Comparably. “They really do pay top-of-market. My team, the overall culture, and the events we do keep morale high.”

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing and sales software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“I believe in what our company stands for and the work that we are doing for our customers,” a HubSpot employee told Comparably. “I feel happy knowing that my managers are invested in my success and that feeling is shared with my coworkers from the executive level all the way down.”

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