Companies With Female CEOs Have This One Huge Advantage

Meg Whitman

Photo: AP

Workplaces with more women in charge are more democratic in their decision-making and have better relationships between managers and employees, according to a study by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.Women also give more individualized feedback and establish more interpersonal channels of communication.

According to the researchers, female managers might make it easier for companies to increase direct contact between upper management and employees.

“Women managers seem to be more inclined to use these types of practices, individually, as well as promoting them among the rest of the management team,” says one of the study’s authors, professor Eduardo Melero. “And as such, a management team with more women could be more effective (keeping all other factors constant) when implementing them.”

The study used data from the Workplace Employment Relationship Survey, which collects information from workplaces in the UK. Researchers also took into account factors like the personnel, the characteristics of the company and the sector in their analysis. 

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