15 top companies that let you have a life outside of work

Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesMany real estate firms offer agents great work-life balance, according to job site Indeed.
  • Job site Indeed released its annual list of the top companies to work for if you value work-life balance.
  • The companies ranged from retail to finance, but many real estate firms nabbed the top spots.
  • Here are the top 15 companies that allow employees more time outside work.
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Striking a balance between life and work seems easy, but many haven’t figured it out yet.

Many tech moguls preach that work should become your life. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for instance, says there should not be any trade off between life and work: “I get asked about work-life balance all the time. And my view is, that’s a debilitating phrase because it implies there’s a strict trade-off,” he said. “It actually is a circle. It’s not a balance.”

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Other experts say too little balance between work and your personal life can lead to burnout, and working too much can even be detrimental to your health.

Some companies appeal directly to employees looking for more time outside the office. The job site Indeed crunched the numbers to find employers that offer hardworking employees opportunities to spend time for themselves.

While the list spanned numerous industries, real estate firms took most of the top spots, with Keller Williams Realty scoring #1 for the second year in a row.

Here are all the other companies that reportedly offer employees the best work-life balance:

15. Johnson and Johnson offers eight weeks of paid leave to all new parents at any of their operating companies around the world.

Source: Indeed

14. American Express places a huge emphasis on “developing and growing talent.”

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Express

Source: Indeed

13. Booz Allen Hamilton, a management consulting firm, offers a collaborative environment with opportunities for career growth, according to Indeed reviews.

Source: Indeed

12. Northrop Grumman, a global security company, has teams in industries like aerospace, electronics, information systems, and technical services.

Source: Indeed

11. Ochsner Health System, a non-profit in Louisiana, is one of the top hospitals in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report

Getty Images

Source: U.S. News

10. Vans offers employees alternative work schedules — meaning shortened Fridays every week of the year.

Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

Source: Indeed

9. Kaiser Permanente, the country’s non-profit health plan, has health benefits employees rave about.

Source: Indeed

8. RE/MAX is one of four real estate firms that made the list.

Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images

Source: Indeed

7. Century 21 gives real estate agents flexibility in creating their own schedules.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Source: Indeed

6. HEB, the supermarket chain headquartered in San Antonio, lets employees trade shifts “at the click of a button.”

Courtesy of H-E-B

Source: Indeed

5. Coldwell Banker, the largest real estate brokerage company in the nation, says all of their full-time agents are multi-million-dollar producers with over 66 years of real estate experience.

Getty Images

Source: Indeed

4. Cisco is the only tech company on the list. It “strongly encourages” remote work, and most employees work remotely at least part of the time.

Katie Canales/Business Insider

Source: Indeed

3. Capital One was the number one business technology innovator in the US in 2016.

Source: Indeed

2. In-N-Out Burger offers employees above-industry average compensation. An employee can earn $US160,000 without a college degree.

Melia Robinson/Business Insider

Source: Business Insider

1. Keller Williams Realty says it trusts its associates to make their own schedules and believes it gives them ownership of their time, as well as their earning potential

Jerry Cleveland/Getty Images

Source: Indeed

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