18 Companies That Are Extremely Religious

George foreman grillAnthony Harvey/GettyGeorge Foreman: preacher turned griller.

Lots of companies have a deeply religious background, even if you don’t realise it.

Forever 21 and George Foreman Cooking are just the start. Read on to see other big companies that are extremely religious.

This is an update of an article written by Kim Bhasin.

Marriott International Hotels

Bill Marriott was CEO of Marriott International Hotels for 40 years, stepping down from the CEO role in 2012.

Throughout that time, he was an active member of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Thus the need to balance his beliefs with his guests' desires.

'I've always been concerned about (pornographic) movies in rooms,' he told the Associated Press in 2012. 'In the next three or four years, we won't have any more of those. That's something we've had a real problem with because the Church is very, very opposed to pornography, as it should be, and we are for families. But the owners of our hotels were making a lot of money. In fact, the only movies that make any money are pornography.'


ServiceMaster owns domestic brands like Terminix, American Home Shield, and Merry Maids.

It was founded in 1929 by Marion E. Wade.

'Wade had a strong personal faith and a desire to honour God in all he did,' the company's website reads. 'Translating this into the marketplace, he viewed each individual employee and customer as being made in God's image -- worthy of dignity and respect.'

Theodore Malloch, author of 'Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business,' says that ServiceMaster is an example of 'servant leadership.'

What does that mean? 'Think of the picture of Christ washing the feet of his disciples,' he tells CNN.

George Foreman Cooking

After leaving behind a successful boxing career, George Foreman gained new-found fame as the boisterous hawker of low-fat cooking grills.

Foreman discussed his own religious reawakening in an interview with Success Magazine, and said that his personal integrity guides his business decisions. For example, he won't invest in products or sellers that promote alcohol consumption.

Foreman also spent years as a Christian preacher -- developing the charisma he'd use to sell grills.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller made the Aeron chair, quite possibly the single most famous piece of office furniture in history.

It was founded by D. J. De Pree in 1923, who ran the company until 1961. The American National Business Hall of Fame declares that De Pree 'proved by example that a highly successful business could be built on the principles of his faith.'

That faithfulness continued when his sons Hugh and Max lead the company through the '60s.

'In Genesis, we're told that man was made in God's image,' says Max De Pree, now retired.

'For a Christian leader,' he said, 'if everybody with whom she works is made in God's image, that carries tremendous implications.'

Forever 21

Purchase a skimpy $US15 top or $US19 skirt from trendy but budget-conscious clothing retailer Forever 21 and you may notice 'John 3:16' printed on your shopping bag.

On the bottom of each of the store's bags, the biblical reference is perhaps the most obvious reference to the religious beliefs promoted by the store's owners, the Chang Family, who are born-again Christians.

'Mrs. (Jin Sook) Chang tells people that when they were starting out, she went to the top of a mountain in Los Angeles to pray,' BusinessWeek reported in 2011. 'God told her she should open a store and that she would be successful.'

Many of the most satisfying careers also deal in religion:

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