Companies Whose Execs Appeared At Obama's "Tech Supper" Donated $2 Million To His 2008 Campaign

The famous tech titans who had dinner with President Obama last week weren’t a random selection of the industry’s elite.

It turns out all but one of the executives present run a company or organizaiton that donated money to the Obama campaign in 2008 – more $2 million in total.

The LA Times broke it down:

Company Lobbying (2010) Obama campaign contribution (2008) Apple $1,610,000.00 $92,141.00 Google $5,160,000.00 $803,436.00 Facebook $351,390.00 $34,850.00 Yahoo $2,230,000.00 $164,051.00 Cisco Systems $2,010,000.00 $187,472.00 Twitter $0.00 $750.00 Oracle
$4,850,000.00 $243,194.00 Netflix
$130,000.00 $19,485.00 Stanford $370,000.00 $448,720.00 Genentech $4,922,368.00 $97,761.00 Westly Group $0.00 $0.00Related: Obama’s Dinner With America’s Tech Leaders – Who’s Who In The Iconic Image?

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