Companies Are Starting To Question Why They’re Paying Fashion Bloggers $50,000 To Promote Their Products

man repeller dance
Blogger The Man Repeller’s Collaboration With Rebecca Minkoff And Hilary Rhoda

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Brands pay top fashion bloggers up to $50,000 to promote their items. The bloggers will wear items selected by the brand and link to where readers can buy them. But now there’s backlash to whether the editorialists are worth the investment.Rachel Strugatz at Women’s Wear Daily explains the tension in the industry:

sceptics question whether paying bloggers results in significant return on investment, especially in comparison to a magazine or television ad. Besides, some brands contend, if bloggers are journalists, journalists aren’t paid for writing about a company.

Bloggers argue that their content can generate millions of page views for the brand and their services are cheaper than constructing ads for other media. Many have even hired agents to manage their sponsorships.

One spokeswoman at Neiman Marcus says they can’t afford a lot of the top bloggers’ fees. And Coach finds they get the same success with lesser-known bloggers who come for a lot cheaper.

Strugatz features bigtime bloggers like Man Repeller and The Glamourai, who garner millions of visitors a month.

With no concrete proof for return on investment, the glory days for the big fashion bloggers could be over.