Communism Seeps Into American Homes, And It Smells Like Rotten Eggs

The great thing about the excess buildout of fibre optic cable back during the tech boom is that it didn’t degrade, and a few years later we had it all there to use when online video and broadband got big.

Conversely, the tragedy of the housing boom is that the houses we built were total crap, and in five years, when the population is bigger, and more people are looking for homes, all those extra houses that we built will be deteriorating and weed infested.

And many of them will have used toxic Chinese drywall. It’s a big public concern in Florida, as people complain of toxic fumes, sickness and horrible smells. Lou Dobbs has been all over it, playing up the communism angle. As one blog put it: communism is now seeping into American homes! Oh dear!

Like asbestos before it, it’s already spawned its own cottage industry of lawsuits. Were you made sick by cheap, sulphuric-smelling Chinese drywall? You may deserve compensation.

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