Latin American Prisoners Prove Just How Easy It Is To Dominate Their Cities From Behind Bars

gangs in brazil
Police battle gangs in Brazil’s worst slums.

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Five members of notorious Brazilian gang Primeiro Comando da Capital essentially laughed in the face of prison security when they hosted a 10-hour conference call from inside their cells.During the epic phone call, gang members talked about their drug trafficking business, flying in the face of prison officials’ efforts to stem the flow of communication between the facility and the outside world, InSightCrime reported Wednesday.

But the PCC isn’t the only group openly flouting the system.

Inmates in Colombia set up their own antennae once officials blocked cell phone reception.

And PCC founder Marcos Camacho famously claimed in 2006 that while his enemies couldn’t get to him, he could “arrange for you to be killed out there.”

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