The Commonwealth has sacked 41 bankers this year

William West / Getty Images

The Commonwealth Bank has confirmed it has been sacking staff following revelations in the financial services royal commission.

CBA chief executive Matt Comyn was asked in a parliamentary committee hearing today whether anyone was fired from the bank as a result of the royal commission.

He replied to committee chair Tim Wilson, a Liberal MP, that 41 employees had been dismissed this year and another nine had resigned while under investigation.

The financial services royal commission has labelled the actions of the major four banks — including charging for services not provided — as dishonest and the result of greed.

Today Comyn admitted greed played a part in the failures of the bank.

“As the royal commission has shown there have unfortunately been failures of judgement, failures of process, failures of leadership and in some instances greed,” he told the hearing.

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer is due to appear at the hearing later today.

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