Commonwealth Bank Gave An Agonisingly Repetitive Answer To Online Questions About Heartbleed

Commonwealth Bank customers want detailed answers. Image: Getty/ Joe Raedle

Big companies often struggle with individual communication responses, especially at times of crisis.

Some of the biggest drivers behind limited or poor communication responses are the high levels of long winded bureaucracy and approvals which are built into the organisation.

This was evident on the Commonwealth’s website today.

The recent Heartbleed bug has got a lot of users worried their personal information has been compromised and they’re searching for an indication of how they can protect themselves.

On Commbank’s blog the bank’s digital channels and online banking general manager, Drew Unsworth assures customers there is no need to change their passwords as they’re “patched against the Heart Bleed bug”.

Then, questions started to be posted on the announcement.

The first one from user ChadNash asks if the bank’s systems were vulnerable at anytime in the last two years.

Image: Screenshot/CBA blog.

Next another user Shane jumps in, commenting that the response is not “comforting” and requests more information.

And then, as it often does on the internet, it begins – users start to ask increasingly technical questions and receive the same pre-drafted response.

The running commentary, if it wasn’t such a serious security issue, actually makes for an entertaining read.

Image: Screenshot/CBA blog.
Image: Screenshot/CBA blog.

The original blog post is here.

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