Commbank CEO's Own Credit Card Got Blocked By Bank's Security Team When He Was Shopping Overseas


Even if you are the boss of Australia’s biggest bank, your card can still get blocked when you’re shopping overseas.

According to the Australian Financial Review’s Rear Window column Commonwealth Bank chief executive Narev told a breakfast yesterday his card had been blocked while shopping for his daughters in New York.

“I was in New York seeing investors. I had half an hour to spare. I’ve got three young daughters and I had half an hour to shop for them. So, as you can imagine, I went bang, bang, bang – literally – and by the time I made my third purchase in 30 minutes, my card was declined.

“It’s a true story! I had an email on my BlackBerry to call the bank’s security and actually had to point out that I am the same Ian Narev who they know quite well. They said – quite appropriately – ‘your card is showing fraudulent characteristics’,” he said in the article.

More Rear Window here.

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