Here's how to tell if you might make a boatload of money as a programmer

It’s a great time to be a programmer: the average base salary of a software engineer in the US is close to $US100,000, with those in San Francisco making over $US140,000 on average.

But that doesn’t mean coding is for everyone. How would you know if computer science is the right field for you?

Code School, a site that offers online coding classes, revealed a new study that shows the common traits found among male and female programmers. It surveyed over 2,200 coders and developers to find out what they had in common growing up.

See if you might be one of them:

Only 42% of the male coders received a bachelor's degree and 27% received a graduate degree. They were more likely to have started and stopped college than women (14% vs. 7%).

Baruch College/Facebook

But 51% of women received bachelor's degrees and 30% received graduate degrees.

Denis Doyle/Getty

Men tend to live at both extremes of the annual income scale, with 1 in 4 making $100,000 and 1 in 5 making less than $25,000.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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