Check It Out, Bernanke, All These Industrial Commodities Are Breaking Their 52-Week Highs


Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has indicated that he’s in no hurry to start raising rates, despite signs of an economic recovery.

But we hate to break it to him… inflation is back.

Sure, top-line CPI is still not going anywhere. And the recovery is jobless, so there’s no wage inflation but everywhere you look industrial commodities are breaking out.

Check them out here >

Metals: Copper

Source: FinViz

Energy: Crude Oil

Source: FinViz

Metals: Gold

Source: FinViz

Energy: Heating Oil

Source: FinViz

Metals: Palladium

Source: FinViz

Metals: Platinum

Source: FinViz

Metals: Silver

Source: FinViz

S&P 500

Source: FinViz

Factory orders show v-shaped recovery

Source: Bloomberg

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