This Cute Graphic Breaks Down The 3 Million Pounds Of Commodities Needed To Support Each American

“Demand on resources will be great, as each person requires a huge supply of resources throughout his or her lifetime,” notes commodities guru Frank Holmes.

This is an important consideration for commodities investors, especially as China begins to loosen its one-child policy.

“Consider that in the U.S., over the course of a lifetime, each person needs 72,556 gallons of petroleum, 6.63 million cubic feet of natural gas, 978 pounds of copper, and 27,416 pounds of iron ore, according to the Minerals Education Coalition. Even though China currently uses fewer resources per capita compared to developed countries, the nation is quickly catching up to developed world levels.”

Here’s a cute diagram from US Funds listing all of the stuff that gets consumed to support each American born today.

COMM Every American Born Will Need