Commercial Real Estate Is The Next Shoe To Drop, According To The Internet

With the market having reached a kind of uneasy stasis, everyone’s been asking the same thing: “What’s the next shoe to drop?”

At least the folks who aren’t smoking the green shoots and mustard seeds are asking this.

Over and over again we’ve heard the same thing loud and clear: commercial real estate. One problem with this is that if everyone is saying that it’s the next shoe to drop, is it really?

Leaving philosophy aside for a moment, we wondered what other shoes people are seeing out there. So we did some very unscientific polling of the internet. Basically, we Googled the phrase “shoe to drop” along with various other calamaties to see which ones are the most popular. Our results.

“Shoe to drop” + “Commercial real estate” — 48,000 hits

“shoe to drop” + “credit cards” — 26,100 hits

“Shoe to drop” + “deficit spending” — 908 hits

“Shoe to drop” + “municipal defaults” — 30 hits

“Shoe to drop” + “Trade war” — 402 hits

So there you go, some mindblazingly unscientific “proof” that commercial real estate is either the next shoe to drop OR that the next shoe to drop will be some few-hit black swan. Take your pick.

Also, try some searches yourself and see if you can come up with anything bigger. Let us know what youf ind.

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