CommBank has a whopping 75 UX specialists working on its tech products

Two of CBA’s UX designers at work in the Sydney office.

CommBank has an enormous team of 75 UX designers working on the bank’s websites, wealth management tools, NetBank service and apps.

This is a much bigger team than many large digital companies, and an investment that shows how highly the bank rates the imperative for technology supremacy in Australia’s financial services sector.

User experience designers work on improving a person’s interaction with a product. There’s no one path to becoming a UX designer: many move from print or graphic design and start to learn interactive or digital design.

A UX designer usually understands web and applications and the tech abilities and limitations of software. They straddle the boundaries of design and code: where a developer understands how to code an app, a designer knows what can be done.

Estimates for user experience salaries vary but they can range from around $70,000 for junior staff to significant six-figure salaries for more experienced personnel. The discipline also includes specialists known as experience architects who design entire customer journeys, using sophisticated research tools such as eye-tracking and behavioural analysis to help companies understand intricate details of modern consumer behaviour.

CommBank Head of innovation Tiziana Bianco told Business Insider the team, which is in Sydney, works across the whole bank and focuses on designing a seamless user response.

A spokesperson for the bank told Business Insider it is one of the largest UX teams based in Australia. For comparison, global software technology giant Atlassian is understood to have a UX team of around 70, while Campaign Monitor has just four in its Sydney office.

“CommBank places significant importance on user experience, evidenced by having one of the largest UX teams in Australia and its very own in-house usability rooms within the Innovation Lab,” she said.

Earlier today CommBank released the next part of its mobile wallet strategy: a digital loyalty cards app which digitises all those random plastic store cards. It also revealed the number of users on its Commbank mobile app have doubled in the 12 months to March from 1.7 million to 3.7 million.

The bank is looking to leverage its existing customer base as it pushes into more digital offerings in a space where the likes of Apple, Google and a bunch of startups are also innovating.

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