Commbank and Netbank was down last night, and people weren't happy

Photo: Frederick Florin/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Commonwealth Bank suffered a six-hour long outage on Monday that affected its Commbank and Netbank services, leaving customers reeling on social media.

The outage, which began at 3.19pm, affected customers across Australia, leaving some people unable to pay for items.

Screenshot/ Commbank.

A Commonwealth spokeswoman confirmed the issue was fixed about 9.30pm.

“All services have now been restored and Commonwealth Bank apologises to all our customers affected by this issue and we thank them for their patience,” she said.

The outage affected the Commbank phone app and Netbank online banking system and saw irate customers take to social media to vent their anger.

The bank said ATMs and eftpos services were not affected.

However, at least two customers said their eftpos was declined. One woman she had to leave her groceries behind after shopping for one hour because she could not pay at the register.

“Was great being stuck at the check out today left red faced. Ran up the street to the local branch and they didn’t even know the system was down. Well done commonwealth great work,” another customer wrote on the bank’s Facebook page.

Another wrote: “My bills are going to cost an extra $90 because they’re late. Thanks commbank.”

A third wrote: “In a foreign country and unable to access my own funds in order to pay for my hotel and get to the airport. What a joke.”

A Flight Centre employee said she had customers desperately needing to book over $10,000 worth of flights, but who could transfer the money.

“I have some customers desperately needing to book over 10k’s worth of flights that expire tonight and they can’t access their money. They are going to lose the flights and there is literally nothing they can do,” she wrote on Commonwealth’s Facebook page.

One former customer wrote on the company’s Facebook page: “This has convinced me I’ve made the right decision in moving banks.”

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