COMING SOON: How We Use Our Phones And What It Means

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A decade ago, we used our mobile phones to make phone calls and perhaps to send text messages. Some advanced users checked their email and maybe did occasional tasks online.Smartphones and tablets have changed these habits dramatically. But how, exactly?

In a special report coming out from BI Intelligence on Monday, we crunch data and analyse that very question.

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In full, the report will look at:

  • The most popular mobile activities: Text messaging and taking pictures are no longer the only games in town. We take a look at usage patterns around social networking, gaming, email, weather, search, and maps.
  • How people use their phones to shop: Consumers are using their mobile devices at every step of the shopping process. We look at usage patterns around mobile commerce, research, and in-store payments. 
  • The growth of the mobile web: Increasingly, tablets and smartphones are becoming the main portal to the internet for some users. We take a deep dive into mobile browser and app usage patterns and analyse the recent trends.
  • How users are consuming content on their mobile devices: Mobile has brought a huge increase of content consumption. We take a look at how mobile users are consuming books, video, news, and music on their mobile devices.

The report will be full of charts and data that can be easily accessed, downloaded, and put to use.
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