COMING SOON: Here Are A Bunch Of Awesome iPhone And iPad Games We Can't Wait To Try


Photo: Kickstarter

iOS games only seem to be getting better and better.Whether it’s totally novel storytelling or impressive technical feats, developers are able to create some surprisingly immersive worlds on Apple’s simple hardware.

These are the games we’re most looking forward to playing.


Flewn blurs the line between game and story. It's an interactive book of sorts that has you following the journey of a whale on stilts and he looks for a new home.

It's still in development, but you can contribute on its Kickstarter page right here.

Dead Trigger

We love good graphics and fighting zombies -- this game offers both.

Great Big War Game

The sequel to the hexagon-based strategy game 'Great Little War Game,' this one promises to be bigger and better.

Pocket Heroes

The best way to describe pocket heroes is that it's like Dungeons and Dragons meets Words With Friends. Get a group of friends together and take turns questing and fighting monsters.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons

The team behind the Infinity Blade franchise have already made two unforgettable games. With Infinity Blade: Dungeons, they're taking the action to a birds-eye view like the Diablo games.


We know very little about this mysterious game, but we're very intrigued by its unique artwork.

Unstoppable Fist

If you've got a hankering for over-the-top 8-bit violence, Unstoppable Fist will absolutely deliver.

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