COMING SOON: Facebook Will Let Advertisers Buy Premium Ads Without Using Sales Reps

Boring But Has A Red Telephone

Photo: GlobalRepeat/Flickr

Facebook is making moves that will give advertisers even more ways to buy premium ads.Rather than going through Facebook ad sales representatives, advertisers will now be able to buy home page and news feed ad space directly through Ads API and Power Editor tools.

Facebook told Inside Facebook that this service will not apply to mobile inventory, and advertisers will still need to use ad reps for logout placement and Reach Generator services.

This is going to make a lot of people happy—Inside Facebook reported that advertisers have complained that there aren’t enough Facebook ad reps to take the time to work with each business’ specific advertising needs. Now advertisers will be able to get some premium ads on their own or through a third-party provider like Buddy Media, TBG Digital, and AdParlor.

A source that has been privy to the new ad plan told BI that third-party ad companies’ business could increase by 30 to 40 per cent. The source continued that it will be good for advertisers, too, since they will now be able to test out hundreds, if not thousands, of premium ads to see what works best for different audiences as opposed to just picking five ads and hoping for the best.

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