The 'Star Wars' panel at Comic-Con is so secretive that fans were told they can't take any photos

Don’t expect to see a lot of images from the anticipated “Star Wars” panel at Comic-Con on social media.

The panel is apparently so secretive that security is going around telling fans no photos are allowed to be taken inside the room during the event.


 Via /film’s Peter Sciretta:

That’s unusual. 

But, we do know that Disney is very keen about keeping footage from its panels under lockdown to prevent leaks.

How do you stop a room full of over 6,500 people from taking photos?

With night vision goggles, of course.


However, that hasn’t stopped press members from tweeting out images of what’s been appearing on screen during the anticipated panel.

The “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” panel is currently taking place. 

We’ll have more to come!

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