Check Out The Awesome Comic-Inspired Cars On Display At New York Comic Con

Chevy Comicon event

Photo: Joshua Berlinger/Business Insider

If you happen to be on the west side of Manhattan this weekend, you’ll notice there are a lot more people dressed in costumes than normal. It’s not people prepping for Halloween—it’s New York’s Comic Con, being held at the Javits centre this weekend. 

For the second year, Chevrolet is sponsoring the fair for all things comic-related, and brought along some pretty sweet customised rides.

The entrance to the main room at the Javits centre was pretty packed.

Chevy's area on the main floor.

And the inside had a sleek feel as well.

This was the car Chevy debuted last year at New York Comic Con, the Sonic.

The artwork was incredibly intricate.

Here's an up-close look.

Take a closer peek at the art.

These comic-inspired cars would certainly turn heads on the street.

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