The Best Costume Cosplay At San Diego Comic-Con

yaha han pepper potts comic conYaha Han dresses up in multiple costumes every year to pose with fans.

Other than movie and television panels — and the possibility of running into a celebrity — one of the main draws to San Diego Comic-Con every year is to see the awesome costumes.

Referred to as cosplay (costume play), a lot of attendees go dressed up as their favourite comic, television, or movie character.

But sometimes, you get those who go above and beyond to create unique outfits that combine elements of multiple iconic characters.

These are the costumes everyone is talking about at Comic-Con.

We’ll be adding to this as the event continues.

'Sharknado' warning in full effect.

You have to use your imagination for this Puss in Boots look based on the 'Shrek' character.

'Hobbit' fan Karl Zingheim trotted into Comic-Con in this elaborate Bilbo Baggins get-up and horse.

You shall not pass by Gandalf ... without wanting a photo.

Paper mache raptor coming through.

This Arizonian came dressed as a Harlequin.

Rorschach from the graphic novel 'Watchmen' stands in the shadows.

Could you imagine walking around in this Halo suit all day in California heat?

The only thing better than one guy in Halo cosplay is an entire group.

Hey lady Loki.

Always a Comic-Con favourite, Deadpool is the one character who knows he's a comic character so attendees always have fun with him.

You'll never be better than this Commander Shepard.

This is one Hooters girl we're afraid to meet.

SourceFed host Meg Turney could give Scarlett Johansson a run for her money as The Avenger's Black Widow.

There's always a plethora of 'Star Wars' costumes. Here are two storm troopers.

This is the droid you're looking for. Steampunk R2-D2 and Slave Leia.

This kid turned his wheelchair into a 'Star Wars' TIE fighter.

Award for the best use of a Jar Jar head goes to Chef Vader.

What's better than Boba Fett? Boba Fett Wolverine.

It's probably difficult to walk around in these girl's Tetris outfits.

Yaya Han plans out outfits to wear each day of the event.

This girl is a dead ringer for Disney's princess Merida from 'Brave.'

Forget the princesses. These dastardly Disney villains were up to no good.

This guy looks like a mirror image of the kid from Disney and Pixar's 'Up.'

This cosplay looks like it took hours to put together.

We wonder how the guys see with those costumes.

Where else do you see arch enemies playing the new Batman video game 'Arkham Origins' side by side?

That is some serious makeup on this guy posing as Bioman from television show 'Defiance.'

There were some top-notch looking Iron Man suits.

Whoa. Someone dressed up as an Iron Man designed to look like Link from 'The Legend of Zelda.'

We wouldn't want to cross paths with this zombie.

These ones too.

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