The 'Daily Show' had to rewrite a bunch of jokes from its premiere script after John Boehner's surprise resignation

Daily Show Trevor Noah John Boehner Jethro Nededog/Business Insider, Getty ImagesThe news of John Boehner’s resignation arrived during Comedy Central’s press conference for ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.’

Trevor Noah and his team is going to have to pull or revise some John Boehner jokes from the upcoming “Daily Show” debut.

Noah and his Emmy-winning writers and producers were in the middle of a press conference, which Business Insider was attending, when the news broke that Boehner will be resigning both his position as House Speaker and his congressional seat on October 30.

“I’m sorry, we have to go right now,” Noah joked, without skipping a beat, after hearing the news.

The new host then added, “That’s sad. I liked him. He always cried.”

It was then that one of the producers let it slip that they had “really funny” jokes about Boehner planned for the upcoming premiere episode on Monday.

One reporter requested that they tell us the “failed jokes.”

“They weren’t failed,” Noah responded. “They were great jokes. That’s the sad thing.”

Salvaging the moment, Noah then used Boehner’s resignation to illustrate how he and his team would react to breaking news:

This would have broken in the room. Then, we would sit around and then we would discuss and then we’d look at how we should approach. I’m a big fan of thinking before I say or react to anything. So, that’s what we’d be doing about it right now is talking about it and reminiscing on our favourite Jon Boehner moments. They would be taking me back to some that I didn’t know of. And then we’d figure out where to go from there.

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” will premiere Monday, September 28 at 11:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central and will be simulcast on all the Viacom networks.

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