Seamless, Comedy Central drop The Fat Jew -- but it's not because of the plagiarism controversy

Sure, Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew is having a terrible few months. He has been accused of being a plagiarist by fellow comedians and others on the internet. And, reports have tied that outrage to the comedian losing a TV deal and a marketing campaign.

But, the parties involved told Business Insider the outrage has nothing to do with their decisions to end their professional relationships with the Instagram famous comedian.

Things got bad for Ostrovsky after The Hollywood Reporter broke the news last week that he had signed with entertainment agency CAA “for representation in all areas.”

That set off a wave of accusations from Ostrovsky’s internet and comedy colleagues claiming that he had been plagiarizing his jokes for years.

The outrage grew so loud that THR decided to update its story with an open letter comedian Davon Magwood wrote about Ostrovsky earlier this month. In the letter, Magwood accused Ostrovsky of posting his joke without attribution. In fact, Ostrovsky is known for “aggregating” jokes and sharing them on his Instagram account without credit. Ostrovsky later gave Magwood his credit.

Among Ostrovsky’s many detractors is actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, who posted and retweeted several tweets directed to the comedian.


 The outrage further seemed to endanger Ostrovsky’s career when reported that the comedian’s Comedy Central project is now dead at the network, which Business Insider confirmed with the network.

 Yet, an individual with knowledge of the project told BI that it had actually been killed several months ago and had nothing to do with the accusations of plagiarism against Ostrovsky.

But, it doesn’t stop there. reports that online food delivery service Seamless, which has used Ostrovsky in its marketing, has no further plans to work with him.

On the other hand, a Seamless rep told BI that “the campaign was coming to a close (the end of this month) as was always the case.” So, the advertisements were coming down September 1 regardless of the controversy swirling around Ostrovsky.

The Fat Jew’s other projects seem to be moving forward at this point. His modelling contract with One Management Agency is still on, BI has confirmed. He recently launched a new wine, White Girl Rosé, and his upcoming first book, Money Pizza Respect, with Grand Central Publishing, is still available for pre-order.

CAA didn’t immediately respond to BI’s request for comments.

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