Comcast has a new service that will fix the bad WiFi in your home

Xfinity smarter internet gatewayComcastThe new Xfinity Gateway router.

I rarely recommend using the WiFi router your cable company offers you.

In addition to spending an extra $10 or so a month just to use it, they tend to be difficult to manage and come with wonky passwords and network names that are impossible to remember.

(You can save a lot of money in the long run by buying your own cable modem and router, by the way.)

But Comcast is taking steps to improve the value that customers get from its routers. This year Comcast will begin rolling out a service to its current WiFi routers that features a host of benefits we’ve seen from companies like Eero and Starry.

Comcast will also start offering a new router with faster connection speeds and other internal upgrades for improved WiFi.

Here’s a rundown of the most important things you’ll be able to do with your Comcast Xfinity service when it starts rolling out soon:

  • Easily set up your network: The Comcast router has a QR code that you take a photo of with the Comcast app. This will guide you through an easy setup process.
  • Monitor connections and enable parental controls: Using the Comcast app, you can manage who has access to your network by creating profiles for each person and their devices. For parents, you can disable a device’s connection when your kids are supposed to be doing homework, eating dinner, going to bed, or any other boring activity you can think of. Go wild.
  • Troubleshoot connections and extend your WiFi’s range: If you live in a large home or one with thick walls that interrupt your WiFi connection, Comcast’s app can help optimise your network. You can also add extenders that automatically boost your primary router’s signal to hard-to-reach areas of your home. It’s very similar to what we’ve seen with routers from Google and Eero.

So, when can you get it?

Comcast will start rolling out the new service to 10 million current Xfinity internet customers during the first half of this year. It won’t cost anything extra. New customers will be able to get the new Gateway router too. Comcast estimates 15 million customers will have the service this year.

You may not save any money like you can using your own modem or router, but it does give you a peace of mind that it will be a lot easier to manage your WiFi, especially since those similar products from Google, Eero, and Starry can get pretty expensive.

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