Comcast Launches Fancast To Bronx Cheers


Cable companies drool about being in the Internet content business, Comcast most of all.  But not being in the Internet content business is sometimes preferable to being in it, at least when your flagship beta product is boring and derivative.

paidcontent: “Buggy.”  “Slow.”
Mashable:  “Underwhelming.”
Silicon Alley Insider: “Like the page in airline magazines where they describe the in-flight movies.”

Fancast is currently a throwback to late 90s when traditional media companies kept trying to “show those web kids how it’s done” by launching slick, graphic-intensive sites that no one ever visited.  It’s also pitched at morons.  How do we know?   Because of this helpful explanatory sentence in the box labelled “search”: “What are you looking for?”