Comcast (CMCSA): We Don’t Throttle BitTorrent

Last Friday, we wrote about a post from TorrentFreak, which claimed that “more and more” of Comcast’s (CMCSA) 12 million Internet subscribers were noticing slower or cut-off peer-to-peer BitTorrent transfers. The blog reported that Comcast was using a software application from a company called Sandvine to throttle BitTorrent traffic.

A Comcast rep says today that isn’t true. While Comcast uses various technologies to manage its network, he says, the company does not throttle or block BitTorrent or any application.

That doesn’t explain the subscribers’ supposed slower connection speeds, but it’s possible that the nature of cable modem service — sharing bandwidth with other nearby subscribers — and general Internet congestion could have played a role. And we still don’t know how many people constitute TorrentFreak’s “more and more,” what exactly they’re doing, or where they’re located.