Comcast And NBC To Start Sucking Up To Regulators Immediately

Rockefeller centre Christmas Tree

Usually it’s the annual lighting of the tree that draws the most eyes to 30 Rockefeller centre in early December.

But this year it’s more about business.

The announcement of the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal appears imminent.  But the deal will not officially be done until it survives regulatory review.

That process has no particular time limit, and could take up to a year.

But Comcast and NBC will make their announcement with an eye toward regulators — it will “come with concessions aimed at forestalling a drawn-out” antitrust review by the either the Federal Trade Commission or the Justice Department and a impact-on-consumer review by the Federal Communications Commission, The Washington Post reported.  

Citing sources close to the negotiations, the article suggest that the announcement will include promises to preserve local news coverage and allow competitors access to content.  

Though it’s possible, the article notes, regulators could force Comcast to sell its broadcast or cable stations where those entities overlap regionally, that is not part of the current plan, sources told the Post.

Read the full article here.  DealBook covers the topic here.

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