Army Training Presentation Slams President George W. Bush

When the Artillery School of Practice founded in 1824 at Ft. Monroe, Va. grew inadequate for the expanding nation’s needs, the United States Army Command and General Staff College was built in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

A 130-year-old postgraduate institution, it’s made up of several smaller schools like the Combined Arms centre (CAC).

The CAC provides training materials like the presentation from which these slides were taken. Meant for all Army Major’s moving on to Lt. Colonel, these three slides make the unusual move of slamming a former U.S. President.

The slides talk about the “risks of a leader who is too optimistic,” along with a picture of Bush giving his notorious “Mission Accomplished” speech in 2003.

The risks include “not planning accurately for the future, not taking steps to mitigate risk, and diminish something tragic.”

The third slide immediately follows, with a different image overlaid where the Bush picture had been.

CAC Presentation

Photo: US Army


Photo: US Army


Photo: US Army

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