Combine British Airways and American Credit Card Deals for 250,000 Bonus Miles

Clearly, credit card companies are clawing over each other for our business these days, buying up frequent flyer miles from airlines and handing them out to new credit card customers willy-nilly.  Capital One just had to end its 110,000 mile “Match My Miles” bonus a month early, and now Chase is stepping up to fill the void.

They’ve just announced a limited-time special offer on their co-branded BA card, where new applicants can receive 100,000 British Airways miles.  That’s 50,000 with the first purchase, and 50,000 after spending $2,500 in the first 3 months.  For comparison’s sake, 100k miles is enough for two free trans-Atlantic flights.  Those miles can also be redeemed on OneWorld partner airlines, like American Airlines, which means you can redeem them for four domestic round-trip flights.

But more importantly, you can stack them for mega-miles
One of the most popular credit card offers on the web over the past few months was Citibank’s offer for 75k American Airline miles. Even though Citi didn’t advertise it publicly, and no credit card review website (other than NW) mentioned it at all, it found its way through travel hacker forums like FlyerTalk and spread like wildfire.

We gave it a whirl and realised that if applicants managed to sign up for the Visa and the Amex versions back-to-back, they could get approved for both and net an unheard-of 150,000 bonus AAdvantage miles.

And now, thanks to Chase, British Airways, and the OneWorld Alliance, these offers can be combined for up to 250,000 miles.  For those keeping track at home, that could score you 10 domestic roundtrip flights with AA’s MileSAAver program (for people with flexible flight dates, times, etc) or 5 Economy AAnytime flights.

How long will this last?
Chase hasn’t publicly announced an end date for this deal, unlike Capital One, who put a specific termination date on the mile matching program.  According to a spokesperson, they are waiting to see how the offer performs before they decide how long to run it.

But if we learned anything from CapOne, deals like this are very popular. And paying out approximately $1,000 of bonuses to each approved applicant will get expensive for Chase pretty quickly, so I don’t anticipate it lasting more than a month.

Given what we’ve seen over the last few months, similar travel deals will probably keep coming, so frequent travellers should keep their eyes peeled.  And for those who never have any reason to fly BA or AA, don’t fret – I’m sure your airline will show up in one of these offers soon too.

Disclosure: reviews credit cards and tracks deals for most credit card issuers, and we maintain financial relationships with most of the larger institutions. We are compensated for Chase British Airways sign-ups made through our site, but are not compensated at all for the AAdvantage 75k offer.