Columbia Fines Students $1,500 For Clean-Up Costs Following A Sexual Assault Protest

Columbia University fined a student group at least $US1,500 for clean-up costs associated with a massive sexual assault protest on campus that left 28 mattresses stacked outside president Lee Bollinger’s house, The Huffington Post reports.

The event was part of the national “Carry That Weight” Day of Action last month, where college students around the country carried mattresses to support sexual assault survivors. Columbia’s protest was organised by student group No Red Tape, and hundreds of students marched throughout campus before ending up outside Bollinger’s house.

According to HuffPo reporter Tyler Kingkade:

Because No Red Tape is not an official student group, the Columbia group Student Worker Solidarity booked space on campus for the event on its behalf. SWS was informed late last week it would be charged at least $US1,500 for clean-up for the event. Students with the group told HuffPost that they were told the charge is for removing the 28 mattresses stacked in front of Bollinger’s home.

Below, you can see how the protest ended up outside of Bollinger’s house:

The Day of Action was inspired by Sulkowicz’ senior thesis — titled “Carry That Weight” — for which the Columbia student has spent the last two months carrying a dorm mattress around campus. She says she’ll continue to do so until the male student whom she alleges raped her leaves Columbia, either by university action or his own volition.

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