Andrew Luck's injury is so bad that the Colts are starting a 40-year-old quarterback who was in a hospital 2 days ago

All is not well with the Indianapolis Colts.

It has become clear that Andrew Luck’s shoulder is injured, though the extent of it isn’t exactly known.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Luck suffered a subluxation in his throwing shoulder — a lesser dislocation — but a Colts source denied the report, and Chuck Pagano continued to say Luck just had a “sore shoulder.”

Things became a little clearer when the Colts re-signed backup quarterback Josh Johnson, who they had cut two days ago.

While it’s still not exactly known what’s wrong with Luck, it’s serious enough that the Colts are starting backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (who started Week 4, too) over him. However, the 40-year-old Hasselbeck isn’t in great shape, either.

Hasselbeck reportedly went to the hospital after last Sunday’s game, and got an IV for a virus he was dealing with. Adam Schefter reports he was there as recently as Tuesday.

To the Colts’ credit, there is some sense in this: if Luck isn’t able to go, don’t start him against the 1-3 Texans, let him take more time to recover, and see how he feels next week. 

However, there seems to be conflicting nature in this story. On Wednesday, ESPN’s Mike Wells reported that Luck took the “majority” of snaps in practice. However, Schefter says that neither Luck or Hasselbeck threw this week.

Unless Luck was taking snaps and not throwing, this situation is growing more confusing.

There still isn’t a definitive report on what’s wrong with Luck. Based on how things are going, it seems the initial report that Luck has a subluxation, had to get MRIs, and was checked by three different specialists is closer to the truth.

Perhaps this is just a two-week thing, and Luck needs more time to recover. However, if Hasselbeck, dealing with a sickness that was so intense he had to get an IV at the emergency room, is a better starting option, it’s not encouraging for what’s really going on with Luck.

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