15 gorgeous coloured-sand beaches around the world

Though most people dream about a white sand beach, that’s not the only colour beaches come in.

Across the world are beaches filled with bright purple, pink, red, green, black, orange, and white sands.

Whether it’s years of volcanic activity that give the sand its ashy black colour or miniature coral fragments that mix with white sand to form a lovely pink hue, the results are breathtaking.

From the Red Beach in Santorini, Greece, to the olive green shores of PapakĊlea Beach in Hawaii, here are 15 of the most colourful beaches in the world.

Thanks to a high iron content in its sands, Ramla Bay on the Maltese island of Gozo hosts dreamy orange sands along its coast. Plus, you can also explore Roman ruins in the nearby Calypso Cave.

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