A 5,000-Acre Wildfire Tears Through Colorado


Photo: 9News.com

A wildfire in the Hewlett section of Fort Collins, Colorado grew more than 4,000 acres overnight. Residents have yet to be evacuated, but that is subject to change.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon in Hewlett, about 20 miles northwest of Fort Collins

It spread quickly through open forests after it started in the grasses

By Thursday morning the fire had grown to more than 5,000 acres

Only about 5 per cent of the fire is contained

Air tankers that drop flame retardant are being used to fight the blaze

Smoke envelops the Colorado forest

Police believe the fire was man-made and are currently investigating the cause

Watch full coverage from 9 News:

Colorado isn't the only state that has been afflicted with a natural disaster

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