The Names And Faces Of People Who Died In The Batman Massacre

veronica moser colorado victimVeronica Moser, 6, died in the shooting

Photo: ApocalypsePlough/YouTube

The Aurora, Colo. movie theatre massacre left 12 dead and at least 59 wounded.Disturbing new details about suspect 24-year-old James Holmes every day.

But we wanted to take a minute to remember the people, including a little girl, who lost their lives at “The Dark Knight Rises'” midnight showing.

John Thomas Larimer cryptologic technician third class for the U.S. Navy.

A wooden cross bears John Larimer's name as well as his sailor's cap.

Friends and family set up makeshift memorials for the victims of the July 25 shooting rampage.

Jessica Ghawi was an aspiring broadcast journalist. She was in the process of making a name for herself through her coverage of the Colorado Avalanche hockey team.

A woman visits the makeshift memorial erected for the victims of the shooting.

Here, Tom Sullivan, Alex's father, pleads for information about his son, which was not readily available in the aftermath of the shooting.

Jesse Childress, 29, was an Air Force staff sergeant from California. He served as a cyber-systems operator.

Here, a carpenter from Illinois writes Childress' name on a cross he created for the fallen servicemember.

Matthew McQuinn, 27, was one of the men who died protecting his girlfriend Samantha Yowler. Yowler's brother Nick Yowler also protected Samantha and escaped without injury.

Balloons bear the names of the 12 Colorado shooting victims at a makeshift memorial for the deceased.

Friends and family hold up a sign and balloons for Micayla during a memorial service on July 22.

A program for Cowden's memorial shows him posing with his family.

Boik's friends and family leave messages for him during a memorial service at Gateway High School in Aurora, Colo.

Alex Teves was at the movie with his girlfriend Amanda Lindgren. He pushed her to the ground and used his body to cover her during the shooting.

The Virgin Mary heads up a memorial that sits across the street from the Century 16 theatre where the shooting occurred.

A crowd gathers at a makeshift memorial to mourn the men and women killed in the shooting.

Veronica Moser-Sullivan was only six years old at the time of the shooting. She was the youngest victim to die. Her mother was injured during the shooting but survived.

A girl signs a message board erected for the victims across the street from the movie theatre where the deadly shooting happened.

The aftermath of the shooting was a very emotional time for anyone affected

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