50 colleges where you're most likely to meet your future spouse

Brigham Young University studentsBYU Photo/FacebookBrigham Young University in Provo, Utah, is the most likely place to meet your future spouse.

Most students graduate from college with lifelong friends, but some find a partner for life along the way.

Our friends at Niche, a database of school information, rounded up the places where you’re most likely to meet your future spouse by combining their lists of the friendliest students, the smartest students, and the most attractive students, with a religious emphasis on colleges.

We rounded up quotes from students on Niche to illustrate the dating culture at each school.

50. Skidmore College

Saratoga Springs, New York

'Plenty of diverse, attractive, and fun guys and girls here.'

'There are bros, there are hipsters, there are straight-up average people, there are nerds, and everyone hangs out with each other. Not clique-y at all -- very easy to show up at someone's house and make a friend.'

Visit Niche for more information on Skidmore College.

49. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas, Texas

'(The students) are good looking people with great interests that include religion, sport, and the arts.'

'Everyone on campus is looking for their spouse. Upperclassmen are practically engaged or thinking about proposing.'

'There are so many different girls and guys here.'

Visit Niche for more information on Dallas Baptist University.

48. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

'Girls here are both attractive and intelligent. Everyone here is friendly and motivated.'

'There is a wide range of girls and guys here. Everyone dresses to impress, and it's fairly easy making friends.'

Visit Niche for more information on Vanderbilt University.

47. University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina

'Students here are some of the greatest around, whether your type is hipster, preppy, athletic, or anything else. The southern hospitality is all around, whether or not you're from the south.'

'Girls are beautiful and guys are hot, but more than anything everyone is friendly and outgoing.'

Visit Niche for more information on the University of South Carolina.

46. University of Texas at Austin

Austin, Texas

'Open and friendly people everywhere, easy to socialise.'

'Everyone has a series of unique interests and relationships here tend to last really long and are generally healthy.'

Visit Niche for more information on the University of Texas at Austin.

45. Cornell University

Ithaca, New York

'You will have lots of time to socialise and the people are awesome.'

'Everyone here is sincere and genuine and very easy to get along with.'

'Plenty of good fish in the sea to pick from! Always new, friendly people to meet.'

Visit Niche for more information on Cornell University.

43. Oral Roberts University

Tulsa, Oklahoma

'There are friendly, good looking people everywhere.'

'The guys are cool and very friendly and easy to hang with. They always offer to include you in any activities that they are doing. The girls are good looking, outgoing, and easy to talk to.'

Visit Niche for more information on Oral Roberts University.

42. Oberlin College

Oberlin, Ohio

'There is not a school out there with nicer, kinder, more open people.'

'Everyone is very nice, interesting, and diverse.'

'A lot of people on campus seem to be able to find a relationship.'

Visit Niche for more information on Oberlin College.

37. Harding University

Searcy, Arkansas

'If you're looking for a relationship, it is very easy to find a special person you really relate to.'

'With Harding's extremely diverse student body, there's someone for anyone as far as relationships go. Men and women from all kinds of different ideals; musical taste, fashion, work sense, you name it, you can find it at Harding.'

Visit Niche for more information on Harding University.

34. Pepperdine University

Malibu, California

'People are chill and there are so many cute guys, and most of them are looking for the girl they will marry. Meeting people is fun and easy at Pepperdine.'

'Sure you might say the guys and girls at Pepperdine are pretty attractive, but the best part of Pepperdine is that all of the students you meet are very nice, genuine people, and are accepting of you as long as you are being yourself.'

Visit Niche for more information on Pepperdine University.

33. Colgate University

Hamilton, New York

'There are a number of strong healthy relationships on campus.'

'Everyone is smart and driven, but enjoy going out to have a good time.'

Visit Niche for more information on Colgate University.

32. University of Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana

'If you are looking, there's a good chance you'll find a good looking and a 'good quality' guy on campus.'

'The nice thing is whoever you talk to, for the most part, will be smart and nice and pleasant to talk to.'

Visit Niche for more information on the University of Notre Dame.

31. California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, California

'Cal Poly students are the smartest, fittest, hottest, and most fun people to be around!'

'I am generally impressed with the individuals I meet on campus. They are smart, outgoing, and easy to get along with. This goes for both guys and girls.'

'It's not hard to find someone you really like, whether this be as a friend or a partner.'

Visit Niche for more information on California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

30. University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

La Crosse, Wisconsin

'The social life here is active, it isn't hard to meet people.'

'All in all everyone here is very friendly and outgoing.'

'Social life is wildly abundant as there are always ways to meet and interact with the opposite sex.'

Visit Niche for more information on the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse.

27. California Lutheran University

Thousand Oaks, California

'The guys and girls here are all very friendly. They dress well, and are very attractive on average. There are a lot of people here that meet someone they stay with for a long time.'

'Because this is a smaller school, there is more opportunity to form close relationships with many people.'

Visit Niche for more information on California Lutheran University.

25. Taylor University

Upland, Indiana

'Everyone is really friendly. There are a lot of people who are very kind, respectful, and authentic for both guys and girls.'

'The students at Taylor are generally really nice and friendly. It's easy to meet new people.'

'Most everyone at Taylor is very friendly and accepting. There is a thriving dating culture at Taylor.'

Visit Niche for more information on Taylor University.

24. Chapman University

Orange, California

'Most people are attractive and dress well. They seem to have great social lives and relationships.'

'All amazing, nice, caring people.'

'I feel that there is a great range of girls and guys, with all sorts of qualities and interests for everyone to find someone that they find interesting.'

Visit Niche for more information on Chapman University.

22. University of California at Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California

'Honestly, we have some of the coolest people in the country. Smart and fun.'

'Relationships can be anything you make of them, and you can dress the way you want.'

Visit Niche for more information on the University of California at Santa Barbara.

21. Brigham Young University at Idaho

Rexburg, Idaho

'A lot of the guys and girls here have great values and are in general great people.'

'This is a fantastic place to find your future spouse!'

'Everyone here is just really outgoing, but not overbearing.'

Visit Niche for more information on Brigham Young University at Idaho.

19. Franciscan University of Steubenville

Steubenville, Ohio

'Not only are the guys and girls good looking, but they have incredible personalities.'

'Most people are looking for someone they could marry.'

Visit Niche for more information on Franciscan University of Steubenville.

16. Rice University

Houston, Texas

'There are so many different people here with different backgrounds it's very easy to find whatever you're interested in romantically or socially.'

'Though many can be reserved, there are a wide spectrum of personalities from introverts to extroverts -- however, a unifying theme is that everyone has hidden talents. A conversation with any Rice student will uncover amazing stories, interests, and insights.'

'Everyone has something unique about them, and you will meet your soulmate here.'

Visit Niche for more information on Rice University.

14. Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina

'The relationships are amazing and it's so easy to make friends.'

'No matter who you are, there's a match for you at Clemson.'

Visit Niche for more information on Clemson University.

13. Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

'For the most part, everyone here is exceptionally friendly, and always welcomes you with a smile.'

'You can truly find your niche at A&M. There are so many people with varying interests.'

'There are a lot of people in relationships. A lot of couples get engaged or married while they're still in school, or right after they graduate.'

Visit Niche for more information on Texas A&M University.

12. Biola University

La Mirada, California

'Guys and girls are extremely friendly and outgoing. They are very welcoming and open to engaging in new friendships with others.'

'Relationships are a huge priority for students at this university and are therefore taken seriously and treated with care.'

Visit Niche for more information on Biola University.

11. Wesleyan University

Middletown, Connecticut

'Wesleyan has a diverse student body, so you will meet all types of people. It is not hard to find people with similar interests and to form lasting relationships.'

'A lot of the student body are down to earth and talented individuals. (They're) exciting and interesting to converse with and get to know!'

Visit Niche for more information on Wesleyan University.

8. St. Olaf College

Northfield, Minnesota

'Everyone here is gorgeous in looks, smart, generous, and very accepting of others!'

'No matter your type, you can find a beautiful/handsome partner to keep you warm during the chilly winter.'

Visit Niche for more information on St. Olaf College.

7. Pacific Union College

Angwin, California

'Students are really smart and outgoing. It's really easy to just go up to someone you have never met and spark up a conversation.'

'Because we are such a diverse school, you will find guys and girls from all over the world. This just allows you to go out of your dating comfort zone, you are open to a ton of new cultures. You are never limited to the kind of people you can date.'

Visit Niche for more information on Pacific Union College.

4. Georgetown University

Washington, DC

'There's a wide range of guys and girls at Georgetown. They're from all over the country, and even international students. There's a wide range of backgrounds and interests and there's a high percentage of good looking people.'

'Students are above average, compared to other schools. I think they are smarter, more studious, and more attractive.'

Visit Niche for more information on Georgetown University.

3. Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

'The campus is large enough that you have a good chance of meeting someone to your liking, whatever you seek, but small enough that you have a chance of running into people you know, building a great community feel.'

'There is plenty of diversity in appearance and personality, and it is impossible to not find friends with similar interests.'

Visit Niche for more information on Yale University.

1. Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

'Everyone is so nice and friendly. Everyone is very cleanly and modestly dressed. It's a very open environment, and the dating scene is fun.'

'Everyone is always going on dates and enjoying romantic life.'

'BYU students are studious but also want to have fun. Groups are always putting together fun group dates, dinner groups, various clubs, pick-up sports games, dances, etc.'

Visit Niche for more information on Brigham Young University.

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