20 Prestigious Colleges That Offer An Ugly Return On Your Investment

Oberlin College Music

We’ve already posted the top 20 schools from Payscale’s ranking of colleges based on how much their graduates earn — the return on investment (ROI).

Now we’re looking at the colleges with a surprisingly bad ROI. These are schools with a wide discrepancy between their rank for ROI and their purported rank for quality of education.

Of course a pay-based list favours bro-ish schools where many grads go into finance, but not all of the dismal schools on this bad-value list are artsy.

#20 University of Chicago

US News rank: #8

Payscale ROI rank: #35

Discrepancy between 'quality' and value ranks: 27

Cost of a degree: $195,800

30-Year Return on Investment: $1,005,500

#18 Washington University in St. Louis

#14 Trinity College

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