10 Colleges That Are Worth The Money

California engineering school Harvey Mudd College has the best return on investment of any higher-education institution in the U.S., according to a new report from salary-tracking website PayScale.

In compiling its ranking, PayScale looked at salary data for employees with bachelor’s degrees, not including any jobs that would require a graduate degree, such as law or medicine. The net cost of each school was determined by looking at graduation rates, financial aid, and campus costs — tuition and extra fees such as room, board, and books.

PayScale ranked the colleges on a 20-year net ROI, defined as “the total earnings, minus the cost of the degree, minus the average earnings over the person with only a high school education,” according to 538, where we first saw this report.

Click over to PayScale’s website for more on their methodology >>

Harvey Mudd College topped PayScale’s list with a $US229,500 total price tag to graduate, but a total 20-year income of $US980,900. The rest of the top 10 was also made up of tech schools, including MIT, Georgia Tech, and Stanford.

Here are PayScale’s 10 schools with the best ROI:

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