College Wrestler Charged With Knowingly Giving People HIV

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP) — Four more potential victims have come forward after a Lindenwood University wrestler was charged with a reckless sex felony after police say he knowingly transmitted the virus that causes AIDS by having unprotected sex.

St. Charles County prosecutors charged 22-year-old Michael L. “Tiger” Johnson Thursday with potentially exposing a 19-year-old Lindenwood student whom he met online. Johnson was kicked out of school the same day criminal charges were filed.

KMOX-AM ( reports that four people who said they also had unprotected sex with Johnson have since contacted St. Charles police. Their medical status is not yet known.

Police say Johnson and the male victim had unprotected sex at least twice in the wrestler’s Lindenwood dorm room earlier this year after Johnson was diagnosed as HIV-positive.


Information from: KMOX-AM,

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