A New Survey Shows That College Students Really Just Want To Be Rich

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Photo: statigr.am/rani_eli

Cornell University recently conducted a survey that found that 86 per cent of its incoming freshmen want to be “financially well-off.”This is a 13.4 per cent increase from the last year’s class of incoming freshmen.

Many students said that they want to live a comfortable lifestyle without worrying about money, be able to support a family in the future and not have to worry about college debt.

While college students and young people were occupying cities across the country, this new study suggests a shift in values as students are embracing and aspiring to wealth.

Cornell freshman Courtney Loo said that being financially well-off is “essential.” She said that many of her classmates probably feel similarly because of their own experiences with the recession.

“They [students] saw how difficult it was for their parents to deal with financial issues,” Loo told the Cornell Daily Sun. “Students don’t want to have to face such financial problems in the future.”

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