College President Retirement Packages Rise Along With Tuition

Wellesley College
Wellesley College Wikimedia Commons

The former president of Brandeis earns $US600,000 a year, even though he no longer teaches. Wellesley paid a former president $US430,000 a year for two years after she retired. Northeastern pays a former president a pension of almost $US210,000 a year, while he also teaches classes.

Those were some of the rich packages for former university leaders documented by the Boston Globe, which reported on the effects of executive compensation on tuition.

The Globe reported that the cost of higher education has risen 70 per cent in the last decade, while the number of administrative jobs has increased 57 per cent.

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The former Brandeis president, Jehuda Reinharz, defended his compensation to the paper.

“I am compensated according to my accomplishments,”he told the Globe. “It’s the way America usually works.”

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