College humour Explains "Branded Content" (CLIP)

Web TV startups like Revision3 and Next New Networks make their money selling product placements and other brand integrations into their shows. Sometimes this is called “branded content.”

Generally, we’re cool with it and think it is a smart way to make money off Web video. Most online advertising is pushed to the periphery easily ignored by users. That’s unsustainable for publishers.

The guys from IAC’s College humour, however, have a more withering take. Promoting Internet Week 2009, they put together a short video parodying the idea.

The best part is a rare video appearence from Josh Abrahamson, who does nothing but spout buzzwords:

“Branded content. Webisode. Mobisode. Hybrid. Multiplatform. Hyper-distribution. Integrated. Organic. Social. Viral. Community. CPM. Efficiency. Organic. Beacon. Embeddable. Dina Kaplan. Widget.”

Watch the clip:

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