College Golfer Freaks Out After Making Two Hole-In-One's In A Single Round

college player hole in ones

Oakland University junior Kassandra Komma had the round of a lifetime last week, hitting hole-in-one’s on two consecutive par-3s at the school’s R&S Sharf Golf Course.

She told that Oakland Press that she didn’t see either shot go in.

But her playing partner shot a awesome mobile phone reaction video after she found out that she aced the second one.

“I was freaking out,” she said.

The two holes were 177 and 108 yards, respectively. Komma, who works as a waitress at the course, told the Detroit Free Press, “I started tearing up because there was no way I could get another one. I guess you can say I had a good round of golf … to say the least.”

She was infectiously happy (via the Oakland Press):

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