College Girls Are Now Turning To 'Rush Coaches' To Help Them Land A Sorority Bid

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Stare at yourself in the mirror and watch the way you look when saying your own name.Do you look pretty?

This is the type of advice young college girls receive from “rush coaches” who are hired to help them get into sororities, an increasingly competitive process, according to The New York Times

mums are reportedly shelling out anywhere from $150 to $8,000 to get the advice of a rush coach, who helps girls accessorize and “practice” being memorable for the weeklong process. 

These days, the “perfect” candidate has a resume that boasts community service, leadership, academics and teamwork, letters of recommendation from alumnae of each chapter, and reference letters.


Author Sunday Tollefson, who wrote “Rush Right: Reveal Your Best You During Sorority Recruitment,” says “It’s like speed dating meets interviewing meets beauty pageant meets upscale academic summer camp, complete with a counselor.”

Since the current members of the sorority meet so many people during rush, the goal is to be memorable for 10 minutes after the first event ends. That way when cuts are made, you’ll be remembered.

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