College Football’s Highest-Paid Coach Is About To Sign An Even Bigger Contract

mack brown texas

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Despite back-to-back off-years in the Lone Star State, the University of Texas has rewarded Mack Brown with an extension. According to Ralph K.M. Haurwitz and Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman, the school is about to approve a four-year extension through 2020 that will eventually pay Brown $6.0 million per season.

Brown was already the highest-paid coach in college football, with a salary of just under $5.2 million this past season. The new extension will continue to give Brown $100,000 raises each year, culminating in a salary just under $6.0 million in 2020. All this despite a record of just 13-12 over the last two seasons combined.

Haurwitz and Bohls do note that the new extension includes a buyout for the school, in which they can dismiss Brown with six month’s notice. The buyout would only cost the school $3.5 million.