College Football's Biggest Rivalry No Longer Features Schools' Iconic Uniforms

Nike Ohio State Rivalry Uniform

Nike unveiled new all-white uniforms that will be worn by Ohio State when they play Michigan next week, the latest from Nike’s “rivalry” program.
But more importantly for the fans of college football, it will mark the fifth straight season in which the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry will not feature the classic uniforms of both schools.

The last time both schools wore their traditional uniform was 2008. The biggest offenders are Ohio State and Nike who use this game as a showcase for new and innovative designs.

On the next few pages we will take a look back at the recent games from what was once one of the most aesthetically pleasing college football games of the year.

Last year, Ohio State wore a chrome helmet with a black facemask and a red jersey with grey numbers and thicker black accent stripes.

In 2011, Ohio State wore their traditional road uniform but Michigan wore helmet with numbers.

In 2010, Ohio State switched to a solid red helmet and a red jersey with a funky number font.

In 2009, Ohio State wore a white jersey with a different striping pattern and a white helmet with numbers on the side.

The last time both schools wore their traditional uniforms was 2008. Ohio State no longer wears white pants.

And in 2007, both teams also wore their traditional uniforms, with Michigan in blue and Ohio State in white.

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