College Football Will Be Swimming In Pools Of Money Once It Gets Its Very Own 'Super Bowl'

College football playoff TV deal

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now that we know a college football playoff is coming in 2014, and what it may look like, the next round of speculation revolves around what it will be like for the viewing fan.Matt Hayes of Sporting News recently spoke to a source within the BCS who says the final tab on the next college football postseason TV deal will blow everything previous out of the water.

The college football playoff TV deal could reach $5 billion over 10 years, a source tells the Sporting News.

The $500 million per year average is nearly three times as much as what the BCS produced last season ($174 million).

A few more interesting nuggets from Hayes’ BCS source:

  • The powers that be are not opposed to splitting TV rights to the semifinals and the national championship game (NCG) between different networks (ala the NFL).
  • Having the NCG rotate between a few different networks on a yearly basis is definitely on the table (think “Super Bowl”)
  • Even though the widely-hated “Plus-1” model is still an option, it has no chance of becoming the new playoff format because “They’d be throwing away 2½ billion dollars—at least”
  • Ideally, ESPN wouldn’t present an unbeatable offer during its exclusivity period for being the current TV rights holders and the price could be driven up significantly by having CBS, FOX, NBC and/or Turner bid for the games as well

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