College Football To Finally Adopt A Four-Team Playoff Format

matt barkley usc trojans quarterback

Photo: AP

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee has approved a four-team championship playoff that will begin in 2014, according to an report.There will only be one more year under the current BCS system, but many of the finer details of the new playoff format are yet to be determined.

After conference championship week, a committee will select the top four teams to play in two semifinal games scheduled around New Year’s Day. The semifinal locations will rotate among six contracted bowls, which aside from the Rose Bowl and the Champions Bowl, will be determined by a bidding process.

Details about how the committee that chooses the top four teams, or how the committee itself is formed, are yet to emerge.

The national championship game will be played at the site with the highest bidding price, at least six days after the semifinal games.

According to ESPN, there are only five conferences with guaranteed spots in one of the six big bowls each year — the SEC and Big 12 (Champions Bowl), the Big 10 and Pac 12 (Rose Bowl) and the ACC (in a bowl yet to be determined).

That leaves out the champion of the Big East, which was previously guaranteed a spot in either the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl.

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