A college basketball coach who coaches for 'the right reasons' says corruption has gotten worse in recent years

After the FBI arrested 10 people on Tuesday in connection to an investigation into corruption and fraud in college basketball, the implications only seem to be getting bigger.

More schools, coaches, and brands may be affected, and the FBI said the investigation is ongoing.

For some in college basketball, the investigation is both overdue and welcome news, as corruption and shady recruiting tactics ran rampant for years.

One unnamed college coach, who said the investigation is welcome to those coaching basketball for the “right seasons,” told Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy that corruption has gotten worse in recent years.

From DeCourcy:

“However, he said, what has changed is the families or handlers of some prospects have become brazen in regard to demands. Whereas before some would want money in exchange for the athlete playing at a particular school, now some request to be paid just for consenting to make an official visit.”

According to court documents, the college basketball assistant coaches who were arrested as accused of accepting bribes to lure prospects to their school and in return, having those prospects use their financial advisers when and if they made the NBA.

According to DeCourcy, the coach he spoke to often has to turn away and look at other prospects if a prospect’s handler requests money. As DeCourcy notes, this can mean losing a top prospect to another school, and down the line, perhaps losing games to that school.

It’s unclear where the investigation goes from here, but it seems far from over. To many in college basketball, however, exposing corruption and fraud in the game is a positive first step.

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